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Check it out! 

We are already taking applications for 2014 Saturday Market


It  is the second Saturday of each month

 June through September ~ 9 AM to 3 PM


Get your application in NOW!




You can now pay your water/sewer bill or

utility reconnect fees on-line through GovPayNet

(We also accept  PARC / Summer Recreation Program donations through this link)


(If you are making a deposit payment, please use the other link below)


Extension Form (for water & sewer)


Do you want to pay your deposit on-line? 



Water and Sewer Application (with rate explanation)

(this form must be printed out and then completed and returned to City Hall)



New customers: Print out your water and sewer application and fax it to the city (fax #: 503 749-1852).  Make your payment on-line.  All done! 


Call city hall (503) 749-2030 if you have questions.




Public Records/Information Request


Aumsville Youth Council Application


Community Center Application

(this form must be printed out and then completed and returned to City Hall)


Application Forms, Development Regulations, Zone Maps, Economic Opportunities for Development

Commercial Business Application  (this form must be printed out and then completed and returned to City Hall)


Home Business License (this form must be printed out and then completed and returned to City Hall)





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Chemeketa Area Regional Transportation Service

"CARTS provides an infrastructure to assure communities have a say in the determination of local mobility services through coordination committees "  The committee for CARTS is comprised of senior citizens, people with disabilities, human service agencies, and public and private transportation service providersIn Aumsville, the Canyon Connector is one of those mobility (transportation) services provided for our city. 


Job Openings

There are no openings at this time.


You may want to also try these other sites:

State Jobs Page

Oregon Employment Dept - Job Information



Acrobat Reader (Free) is needed

to download forms

Click here for free download!









We respect the individual

We recognize effort & achievement

We communicate openly & honestly

We encourage innovation & risk taking

We commit to excellence in all we do

We use teamwork to achieve results

We manage resources to serve the community of today and the future

We each take ownership for Aumsville's future



City of Aumsville Team Mission Statement


Our Mission is to deliver outstanding municipal services that exceed expectations of our customers.  We work to continually improve our services and ourselves.  We use our values to guide our behavior and decisions.  We train, develop, and mentor our employees, so they grow both professionally and personally.  The City of Aumsville will be known as a developer of outstanding public servants.




 Adaptability:  The ability to flow with changing situations

Balance:  Balance between work, home, hobbies

Courage:  Willing to take calculated risks; leave comfort zone

Creativity/Innovation:  Thinking outside the box

Fairness:  Treating people and being treated fairly

Faith/Religion:  Belief in God

Family:  Being with family, both quality and quantity of time

Fun:  Playfulness, ability to laugh and express humor, joking

Honesty:  Being truthful, sincere

Integrity:  Words/Deeds match up Who you see I am is who I am!

Trust:  Firm reliance on integrity, ability, character of person or thing

Volunteerism/Service:  Serving community

Wisdom:  Having deep understanding, insight & knowledge; ability to make good judgments

DISCLAIMER:  The city of Aumsville is an equal opportunity employer.  These are the personal values esteemed by some, and maybe not all, city employees.  They are solely the values and belief of staff individuals.    


To contact us:
Aumsville City Hall
595 Main Street
Aumsville, Oregon 97325

Phone: 503-749-2030

FAX: 503 749-1852

TDD / TTY Oregon Relay Service


Contacts: City Officials