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Building Permits


Building Permits Simplified                                           Development Ord. 323

Is your building project with-in the Aumsville City Limits? (Main St./Mill Creek Rd. east of Mill Creek waterway; 8th St. north of Mill Creek waterway; 11th Street south of Olney; 1st Street south of Hwy 22; Mill Creek Rd. west of Bishop Rd and all properties within). Not sure? Call City Hall at 503-749-2030 M-F 8am – 5pm.

a. Yes – Continue
b. No – Stop here: your project is in rural Aumsville and permits are issued directly through Marion County Building Inspections Department 503-588-5147

New Single Family or Multi-family Dwellings

  • Fill out a Marion County Structural Building Permit and submit it to the City of Aumsville.  These can be downloaded from the Marion County Public Works website at  or you can pick one up at City Hall, 595 Main St., Aumsville, OR 97325.

  • You will need to also bring two (2) sets of plans and engineering specs, and three (3) plot plans that show the lot dimensions and placement of the structure on the lot.

  • You will pay an estimated permit fee at the time of submittal.

  • The City Administrator will conduct a zoning and plan review; once approved the city will send the permit application on to Marion County for processing.

  • Marion County will return the approved permit to the city with the actual permit charges.  Once received the city will finalize the process and contact you to let you know it has been received and ready for pick-up.

  • At the time of pick up you will pay the Additional City Development Fees (sewer & water SDCs, Park SDCs, Transportation SDCs, etc.) Contact city hall for current Development Fees.

  • You will also be required to pay for the Cascade School CET fee (assessed on the square footage of the living space of the home; i.e., 1540 sf home at $1.23 per square foot, $1,894.20).

New Commercial Building:

  • Before you submit a Marion County Permit application you will need to contact the City Administrator for assistance with the process of a Site Development Review.

  • You will also be required to pay for the Cascade School CET fee (assessed on the square footage of the building; i.e., 3500 sf building at $0.63 per square foot, $2,205.00).

  • See  Development Ord. 323, Section 7 & 8 for zoning restrictions and requirements.

New Accessory Building:

  • Residential Accessory Buildings under 200 sf and less than 10’ in height do not require a building permit, but still must meet required property line set-backs.  See Development Ord. 323. Section 5 or 6 for your specific zoning restrictions; i.e., property line setbacks, maximum lot coverage. Accessory Buildings larger than 200 sf or taller than 10' must go through the building permit process.

  • All Commercial or Industrial Accessory Buildings under 600 sf require a building permit; over 600 sf buildings must also go through a Site Plan Review.  See Development Ord. 323, Section 7, 8 & 9.  Also see Section 22.08 for setback information.

Addition/alteration project:

  • Existing residential building – structural building permits are required when the addition/alteration makes changes to the structure (this includes garage conversions) or if you are doing a complete re-roof down to the sheeting/rafters.  These permits are submitted through the City.  

        *Decks/patios less than 30" off ground - no permit required
        *Deck/patio covers that are less than 200 SF and under 10' at highest point - no permit required
See Development Ord. 323. Section 5 or 6 for your specific zoning restrictions; i.e., property line setbacks, maximum lot coverage.

  • Existing commercial building – Any and All additions and alterations of commercial property are required to have a permit prior to work commencing.  Permit applications are submitted to the city for a zoning review and the City Administrator will determine, in accordance with our development ordinances, whether a Site Development Review is necessary before the permit can be issued.  

  • When only upgrading electrical, plumbing, and/or mechanical, and does not include any structural work, the permitting is directly through Marion County Build Inspection Dept. 503-588-5147.

Misc. Other Projects:  
*You must call 8.1.1. for utility locates on any project that requires digging of any kind*

  • FENCES: Fences, hedges, property dividers under 7' do not require a permit, but must meet zoning criteria – See Development Ord. 323, Section 22 for complete list of regulations.

Over 6’ - Marion County permit required for fences over 6’ tall and must also meet city zoning criteria.

  • SIGNS – See Development Ord. 323, Section 19 for a complete list of allowable and prohibited signs.  Sign permits are issued through the City.  Freestanding signs may also require a Marion County building permit.


All require a Type A Construction Permit through the City of Aumsville.  There is no charge for this permit.  You cannot start any work without first contacting the city at 503-749-2030 M-F 8am – 5pm.

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