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Local Services, Ordinances, and Regulations

City Ordinances


City of Aumsville Emergency Phone Numbers



    Frontier  (General Telephone) 1-877-462-0488

    Meritel Wireless and Internet Service (971) 239-0660

    SCS (Internet/Phone) (503) 448-2121

    WAVE Broadband (Cable Television) (503) 767-4443

    NW Natural Gas 1-800-882-3377

    Pacific Power 1-888-221-7070

    Republic Services (garbage)  (503) 981-1278 or 877 981-1278

    Beaver Creek Water Control Dist (503) 749-2874

    Santiam Water Control District (503) 769-2669



(503) 749-1185  (after hours) (503) 749-2188


    Santiam Memorial Hospital (503) 769-2175

    Salem Hospital – Emergency Center (503) 561-5373

    Salem Hospital - General Information (503) 561-5200


    Aumsville Elementary School (503) 749-8492 &
    (503) 749-8190 (Primary Grades)

    Cascade School District Office (503) 749-8488




Police Information

Annual City Events

Rental Managers

Water and Sewer Utilities

Burning Yard Debris

Local Food Bank and Utility Assistance

Yard debris disposal

Fire Protection

Community Interests

City Parks/Park Use

US Mail

Legislative Information

Community Center information

News Media

Public Transportation



City Regulations:

Building permits Call before you dig Noise
Backflow protection Dogs Parental responsibilities
Clear Vision Dumping Parking
Skateboards scooters and bicycles Fences Park use
Business licenses Garage Sales Public Safety
Camping Grass and weeds Sidewalks
Curfew Horses Signs
Development ordinance Inoperable vehicles Truck routes and parking


AUMSVILLE is located in the Willamette Valley approximately nine miles east of Salem (the State Capitol) off Highway 22 at Exit 9. The elevation of the city is 363 feet above sea level.  A trip to the coast or the mountain ranges is less than two hours away for your fun and recreation. Aumsville became an incorporated city in 1911.


CITY HALL/POLICE COMPLEX: City Hall and the Police Department are located at 595 Main Street in the new building, built in 2009.  It is behind the former city hall site (at the corner of 6th & Main), which is now the Aumsville Museum and History Center. Phone City Hall at 503-749-2030 and Aumsville Police at 503‑749‑2188.  The Oregon Relay Services - TDD number is 800-735-2900.


POPULATION: Aumsville's population, as of December 2012, is 3700.


GOVERNMENT: Aumsville is a council/manager form of government.  It consists of a Mayor and six City Councilors elected by the registered voters of the city; and a City Administrator who is appointed by the council. They meet regularly on the second Monday of the month, and generally have a Visioning Meeting on the fourth Monday as well; both beginning at 7:00 PM.


The city also has a planning commission who meets to review development applications, as well as land-use and development regulations.  They generally meet twice a month on the first and third Wednesday at 6:30 PM.

PUBLIC MEETINGS: The Aumsville City Council and Aumsville Planning Commission meet in the Chester Bridges Memorial Community Center (555 Main Street).  It is accessible to persons with disabilities.  A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons with disabilities must be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Please call (503) 749-2030 and leave a message or Oregon Relay Service for TDD at (800) 735-2900.  The official language of the City of Aumsville is English.  Unless mandated by state or federal law no dual notices will be given.


LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION: Aumsville is located in House District 19 and is represented by Rep. Kevin Cameron.  He may be contacted at 503-986-1419 or email:  Aumsville is in Senate District 10 and is represented by Sen. Jackie Winters.  She may be contacted at 503-986-1710 or email:  At the federal level, Aumsville is represented by US Rep. Kurt Schrader and US Sen. Ron Wyden.  Representative Schrader may be contacted at (202)225-5711 or send an email through his website:  Senator Wyden may be contacted at (202)224-5244; or by his website at:


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City services include police, public works and city administration.


AUMSVILLE POLICE: For Police, Medical or Fire EMERGENCIES, DIAL 9-1-1! Chief of Police Andall commands the Aumsville Police Department staff.  They may be contacted directly at 503‑749‑2188 during regular office hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday; and after hours at that same phone number through our local dispatch center.  The municipal court meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 9:30 AM with the Honorable Judge Feitelson presiding.  For questions regarding Municipal Court, please contact Patti Etherington, Police/Court Clerk.


AUMSVILLE PUBLIC WORKS: Public Works Director Oslie and his hard working staff maintain the city water and sewer utilities, streets, and parks. Public Works staff especially appreciate citizens who TEAM up with them to keep the city clean and the storm-water catch basins clear! 


Water & Sewer Utilities - City water is obtained from five well sources.  The city uses two storage reservoirs.  The water is treated with chlorine only; no fluoride is added.  If you have a two-valve meter, you may shut off your water on the property owner's side of the meter.  If not, water meter shut‑off is performed by public works staff only.  There may be a charge when customers request shut-off/reconnect.  To have the city perform this service, contact city hall or public works directly at 503-749-1185.


Sewer and water utility bills are for the previous month's use and are due on the 15th of the month.  There is a shut-off day each month for unpaid bills – you will find the specific date in the city's monthly newsletter.  A late fee is imposed on accounts that are on the shut-off report.  For hardships: a written extension request form may be obtained and filed at city hall, prior to shut‑off day, to extend the payment due date.  Accounts that are shut off for non-payment must pay a reconnect fee and the delinquent charges before service is restored. A drop box is available at the front entrance to city hall for making payments and after hours deliveries. No cash please.  To ensure that payments are credited to the correct account: include the bill stub or a piece of paper with the account number, account name, and street address on it!


City Streets - Residents are responsible for their own leaf pick up. Please do not rake your leaves into the street.  They can jam the storm drains and the street sweeper and it is not capable of removing leaf piles.  If you do rake your leaves into the street, you may be contacted by city staff and charged a fee. Please take advantage of Compost Oregon at 8712 Aumsville Highway for your yard debris disposal.  Also, Public Works staff need to access catch basins; please do not park over them.



AFTER HOURS DROP BOX: A correspondence and utility payments drop box is available near the front entrance to city hall.  This allows payments (no cash please) and written communication with the city after business hours.



AUMSVILLE NEWSLETTER: The city publishes and delivers an award-winning monthly newsletter, to its citizens and businesses for citizen involvement. The newsletter keeps you informed on what's happening through informative articles, public notices, council meeting highlights, event details, community calendar, and paid articles and advertisements.  Contact city hall with your input, advertising, and feedback.


CHESTER BRIDGES MEMORIAL COMMUNITY CENTER: You are welcome to rent this public building. It’s also used regularly for council meetings, planning commission meetings, and monthly civic meetings.  Rent is $20.00 per hour for city residents and $40.00 per hour for those who reside outside of city limits.  We do not charge for set-up or clean-up.  There are deposits required, depending on the type of use. Check with city hall when planning weddings, receptions, family get‑togethers, etc.  It has proven to be an asset to the community.  The center seats 122 banquet style and includes a full kitchen, tables, chairs, podium and portable sound system. Contact city hall for community center rental agreements and additional information.


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All of our events are announced in our city newsletter, so check

your newsletter for detailed information.


EASTER EGG HUNT: On Easter Saturday the city sponsors an annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The event takes place in Mill Creek Park and involves children age 1-12 years hunting for Easter goodies.



CLEAN-UP DAYS: Two annual yard-debris clean-up days are held in collaboration with Recology/NW Greenlands and Republic Services in the Spring and Fall.  These city clean-up days are provided, free of charge, to Aumsville residents.  City Residents are allowed to drop off yard debris for free any day at NW Greenlands.  A drivers' license/ID card is required to prove city residency.


PARC Sponsored Summer Recreation and Reading Program - Aumsville began a simple program in 2010 to encourage children on summer break from school to meet at the park and play organized outdoor games (some from the "old days" like Hide n Seek), create craft projects and just generally learn how to entertain themselves without use of a "screen" (TV, Computer, Video Game System...).  The first summer there were 30 children; four years later, it has become a weekly day camp for all ages, encouraging all ages to play, create, learn and read.  Summer 2013 saw an average of 110 kids a week and 270 children reached throughout the summer.  They read for 167,338 minutes (that equates to more than 116 days of continuous reading!)  The entire program is paid through donations, sponsorships, grants and fundraising activities, including monthly Bunco nights at the Community Center year round.


CORN FESTIVAL: The festival includes a parade, free hot-buttered corn-on-the-cob, games for young and old, musical entertainment, and food and craft booths. The Corn Festival originated as a community picnic with camp stoves and “canners.” Corn was brought in gunnysacks, later by pickup loads, and a small parade was held.  In 1969, the event was held in Porter-Boone Park, and it continues to be held in this park each year in late August. The event attracts people annually to this small town, a family-oriented "fun day"! This is a volunteer dependent event – contact the Corn Festival Committee to sign up!  (They are listed on page 17)


SANTA VISIT & CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING: The city sponsors an annual Christmas Santa's Visit, for Aumsville’s children in December.  Sacks of goodies are prepared and delivered up and down Aumsville streets by Santa and his helpers, with much help from the Aumsville Police Staff.  Then at dusk, we enjoy the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Tower Park.  This concludes Santa’s Visit with his and Mayor White’s turning on the lights on the Christmas tree.  Cookies and hot chocolate are provided by the city and Santa in our adjacent community center.


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BUILDING PERMITS: Nearly all, new construction and many remodeling projects require permits for structural security.  Building permits are obtained through city hall, except for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits; which must be obtained directly from Marion County Building Inspection in Salem at 5155 Silverton Rd NE. Phone: (503) 588-5147. A city Public Works Type-A Permit is required for water and sewer lines, storm drainage, driveways, sidewalks, and curbs; which require inspection by the public works staff (there is no permit charge for normal inspections).  Rooflines and drains may not be changed in such a manner as to cause drainage onto a neighbor's property.


BACKFLOW PROTECTION: Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems all require a STATE OF OREGON APPROVED BACKFLOW DEVICE to protect the public water supply.  If you have a sprinkler or drip irrigation system and are not involved already with our backflow program and requirements; please contact Public Works Director Oslie, at 503-749-1185.  The safety of the water supply affects the health and safety of everyone in our community. Properties found with unprotected systems may have the water service terminated.


BICYCLES/SKATEBOARDS/SCOOTERS: Aumsville is home to a world-class skatepark, thanks to a collaborative community involvement.  Brian Haney Memorial Skatepark is located in Mill Creek Park.  It is open until curfew, weather permitting, and helmets are required.  No bikes are allowed in the skatepark.  Any person operating a bicycle, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or similar apparatus upon other sidewalks shall yield the right of way to pedestrians. No bicycles, scooters, skateboards or other similar apparatus may be ridden or operated on any sidewalk on Main Street.


BUSINESS LICENSE REQUIRED: There are no fees for licensing a business or home occupation at this time! Any person, firm, company or corporation establishing a new business within the city limits shall be required to make application for a business license at city hall, including home occupations. Incidental home occupations must be carried on by an immediate member of the family residing within the dwelling and there shall be no structural alterations or changes in the dwelling or on the premises, which can be seen from the exterior. 


CAMPING: There will be no overnight camping or tenting on public property without prior approval of the city council.  No person shall lodge in a car, outbuilding, or other place not intended for that purpose without proper permission.


CLEAR VISION: A clear vision area is required on properties at driveways, the intersection of two streets, and a street and a railroad intersection.  The clear vision area is a triangular area that extends 20 feet in either direction from the corner of your property line.. The clear vision area shall contain no planting, sight-obscuring fence, wall, hedge, structure, vehicle parking or any temporary or permanent obstruction exceeding 4 feet measured from the ground. Trees exceeding this height may be planted in the area provided all branches and foliage are removed to a height of 8 feet above the ground.  Contact public works staff or city hall if you need additional information at 503-749-1185.


CURFEW: Persons under 18 years of age may not be upon any street, highway, or other public place, within the city of Aumsville, including the skatepark; between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM, Sunday through Thursday, and 12 midnight and 6 AM, Friday and Saturday.


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The city has its own development (zoning) ordinance and comprehensive (land use) plan, which governs development of property within the city limits and urban growth boundary.  Please contact city hall before you start any new development to ensure compliance with the development ordinance.  With the exception of single family and duplex housing and minor commercial and industrial remodels, development requires a public hearing before the Aumsville Planning Commission.  Contact city hall to ensure compliance and to give adjacent property owners and the city an opportunity for input.


DIGGING: CALL 811 BEFORE YOU DIG: If you plan to dig, you are required by law to notify owners of underground utilities at least two business days in advance.  Call the number below to have underground utility lines located at no charge to you. Call them at Oregon Utility Notification Center by dialing 811 or visit .


DOGS: All dogs within the city limits must be licensed through Marion County Dog Control at (503) 588-5233 or (  Application forms may also be obtained through city hall.  No more than four dogs are allowed in any household.  No dog shall run at large within the city, upon any public street or other public place, or trespass upon private property that is not owned or controlled by the owner or person responsible for the dog.  By state definition, “running at large” means a dog is off or outside of the premises occupied by the keeper of the dog, or is not in the company of and under the control of its keeper.  An owner or person responsible is required to remove feces deposited by a dog on public or private property.  This is strictly enforced in city parks. Please show courtesy to park users by picking up after your pets when you bring them to the park.  “Mutt Mitts” are available in Mill Creek and Porter-Boone Parks!  Dogs may be walked upon the streets of the city, but must be retained on a leash no longer than six feet, and must be handled by a person who can control the animal in all situations.  No person shall allow or permit the continuance of unreasonable noise.  This includes; an animal which by causing frequent or long-continued noise shall disturb the comfort and repose of any person in the vicinity.


FENCES: Fences and walls may be placed on your property up to eight feet in height, except front-yard fences and walls. Front yard fences and walls may only be up to four feet high.  Any fence or wall over six feet high requires a building permit.  Fences and walls constructed on the property line require a written agreement between property owners, which must be recorded with the Marion County Clerk. In most cases, property lines are located 10’ from the face of the curb. The city does not allow electric or barbed wire fences or any other type fence that can cause bodily harm in residential areas.  Check at City Hall for fences to be placed on city property, or in easements. If you have questions contact Public Works Staff at 503-749-1185.


GARAGE SALES: Garage sales may be held when they are carried on by an immediate member of the family residing within the dwelling place!  A permit is not required to conduct a garage sale.  Please do not place signs on any street sign poles or power poles. If done, city staff will remove them and a citation may be issued.  Signs may be placed on private property if you have received permission from the landowner.  Do not place any signs that will block the vision of drivers in the "clear vision" areas at street intersections or driveways.


GRASS/WEEDS: Grass and weeds more than ten inches in height, blackberry bushes, and other noxious vegetation that extends into a public thoroughfare or across a property line, are considered nuisances.  Please be responsible to care for your yard.  Our city strictly enforces our nuisance ordinance! 


HORSES, LIVESTOCK, POULTRY, BEES & BIRDS:  Livestock (Horses, mules, jackasses, burros, cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, swine, or any animal of similar size or larger) and poultry are allowed within the city if they are kept on an acre or more of land and no more than four animals older than six months per acre. You may not ride or lead livestock on sidewalks of the city or in any of the designated park areas of the city. No domestic animal, livestock, or poultry shall run at large within the city upon any public street or other public place or trespass upon private property not owned or controlled by the owner or person responsible of such animal. You must remove feces deposited on public or private property. Stands or hives of bees, wasps or any bee-like insect are not allowed on property within 20 feet of the boundary line of the premises. Keeping any bird or animal which disturbs the comfort and repose of any person in the vicinity by causing frequent or long-continued noise is prohibited. Keeping or maintaining hogs within the city limits is not allowed; except pot-bellied pigs no taller than 18 inches at the shoulder weighing up to 95 pounds. No more than three pigs at any one address.


INOPERABLE VEHICLES: It is unlawful to park a vehicle or trailer on a city street to make any mechanical repairs; other than those of a minor nature, which does not involve more than four hours to complete.  Inoperable vehicles shall not be kept on private property for more than 30 days without being entirely enclosed in a building.


LITTER/DUMPING: Please don’t litter in Aumsville!  No person shall deposit trash, rubbish, debris, refuse or any substance that would mar the appearance, create a stench or fire hazard, detract from the cleanliness or safety of the property, or would be likely to injure a person, animal or vehicle traveling on a public way.  Valuable staff time is spent on streets and parks trash patrol.  Further, no person shall deposit trash, rubbish, debris, or refuse which was generated from a residence or business into public trash receptacles in city parks.


NOISE: The use or operation of a stereo, television or other sound amplifying device so loudly that the sound is plainly audible at any time at a distance of 100 feet from the source or exceeds 70 dBA sound level decibels may be cited as unreasonable noise. You may contact the city administrator for a noise permit in special circumstances, or for an event. Construction, repair of buildings, vehicles or machinery is considered unreasonable noise if done between the hours of 6:00 PM and 7:00 AM weekdays, and 7:00 PM and 9:00 AM on weekends. 


Also, construction, repair of buildings, vehicles or machinery performed in an enclosed residential, commercial, or industrial garage or building, will be considered unreasonable noise if done between the hours of 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM.


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PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: A parent commits the offense of FAILING TO SUPERVISE A MINOR if the minor has been found on private property, public property or premises open to the public and is cited for any violation of city ordinance or state law; and sufficient facts exist to find that the minor committed the violation or offense.



PARKING: Automobiles are not to be parked in such a manner as to interfere with a neighbor's view from a driveway.  It is illegal to park with the driver's side of the auto nearest the curb or within 10' of a fire hydrant.  Automobiles and recreational vehicles shall only be parked in legally developed parking areas!  Please check with city hall for parking development standards.  Parking of a camper in the city street, when not mounted on a vehicle is prohibited.  Parking of a recreation vehicle or utility trailers on a city street is only allowed up to five days in a 30-day period.  Recreational vehicles may be parked in a graveled parking area in residential yards, and may not be used for residential purposes.


PARKS: City parks are developed for your enjoyment.  Please keep our parks clean – use of trash receptacles is enforced.  The receptacles are for park users only.  Using the trash receptacles for home garbage is not allowed.  Alcohol, or intoxicated persons, are not allowed in city parks.  Do not allow your animals to roam in the parks.  You cannot ride a horse in city parks.  Keep your vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, wagons, or any other vehicle on designated drives, and park your motor vehicles in designated parking areas.


City Parks – The following Aumsville parks are maintained for you to enjoy. These parks are generally used on a "first come, first served" basis.  They may be reserved in advance by obtaining a park use permit for a fee from city hall.



Mill Creek Park, 1110 Main Street – is home of the Brian Haney Memorial Skatepark.  This community park has a covered picnic shelter; horseshoe pits; a softball field, with bleachers and dugouts; barbecue stand; wonderful play structure; and year-round restrooms.  The park restrooms are locked and skatepark lights turned off at curfew.


Porter Boone Park, 1105 Main Street – site of the Aumsville Corn Festival.  This community park has a large covered recreation facility, picnic tables, barbecue stands, concrete bandstand, benches, a multi-purpose court (for basketball and/or tennis), a large play structure, a pedestrian walking trail, and year-round restrooms.  Boonedocks Park, is attached to Porter Boone Park offering a volleyball area and a pedestrian walking trail.  These parks close at dusk.


Wildwood Park, 700 5th Street, has picnic tables, an outdoor barbecue, horseshoe pits and a neighborhood play structure.  Coming in Summer 2014 -- water splash pad and water features!  This neighborhood park closes at dusk.


Panther Park, is a mini park next door to Aumsville Grade School.  It may be accessed from Del Mar Drive and has a picnic table and bird feeder.


Tower Park, 500 Church Street – This mini park has a picnic area and covered benches.  It is conveniently located adjacent to the civic center, one block off Main Street under the water tower.


Highberger Park & Greenway, 200 Cougar Street, is adjacent to Willamette Street, Cougar Street Bridge & Highberger Ditch. This neighborhood park has a basketball court, picnic areas, a natural play area, and benches along the lighted multi use path that travels beside Highberger Ditch.


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PUBLIC SAFETY: Please do not leave skate ramps, or basketball hoops in the right-of-way.  No person shall create a safety hazard by placing ANY structure or materials in any public right‑of‑way, including sidewalks, in the city.


SIDEWALKS: It is the duty of all owners of land adjoining any street in the city to maintain, in good repair, the sidewalks in front of their property!  The property owner of property adjoining any sidewalk in the city shall be liable to any person suffering injury, by reason of any defect in the sidewalks in front of their property.  Contact Public Works or city hall for repair standards. Sidewalks need to provide safe pedestrian passage.  We encourage property owners to inspect their sidewalks to assure they are in proper condition!  Check for cracks, uneven surfaces, and missing concrete.  Keep brush and trees from growing across sidewalks and weeds from growing along curbs and in parking areas along city streets.  


SIGN PERMITS: All new signs, outside the building, require a sign permit from city hall except those noted below: 

·       Temporary signs that are not Portable Signs, and limited to 4 and 40 square feet in area.  They may not be displayed for more than 90 days in any 365 day period

·       Signs within a building, and incidental commercial or industrial signs that do not exceed a total area of 32 square feet

·       A home-occupation sign – not exceeding 5 square feet

·       Residential nameplates and addresses.  They must be easily visible for emergency services and shall not exceed 2 square feet.  They may only be indirectly lighted.


TRUCK ROUTES AND PARKING:  It is unlawful to operate any truck of 20,000 lbs. gross weight upon city streets; except in designated truck routes for delivery purposes, or trucks with business at adjacent industrial sites.


Truck Routes:

Main Street and 1st Street;

11th Street, from northerly city limits to Main St; and

8th Street, from Main St to southerly city limits.


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BURNING YARD DEBRIS: The Aumsville Fire District in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regulates the burning of yard debris.  Spring residential or backyard burning season begins MARCH 1 of each year and ends on JUNE 15th.  The fall burning season begins on OCTOBER 1 and ends on DECEMBER 15.  DEQ notifies the fire district at 8:30 AM each day whether or not burning will be allowed.  They also set the hours during which burning can be conducted.  The fire district provides that information on their telephone answering machine.  PLEASE CALL 1-877-982-0011 BEFORE YOU BURN.  Remember your residential fire must be extinguished by the time stated on the answering machine message.  Also remember there are restrictions as to the type of material that can be burned. You are NOT allowed to burn ANY type of GARBAGE!  There must be someone watching the fire at all times and you must have a source of water available in case the fire starts to spread.   YOU are responsible for any damage as a result of your burning!


FIRE PROTECTION: Fire protection and emergency medical services are available through the Aumsville Rural Fire Protection District.  Its main office is located at the corner of 5th and Church Street. For more information, call their Business Office - 503-749-2894, between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  They also have a sub-station in Shaw.


FOOD BANK AND UTILITY ASSISTANCE:  Bethel Baptist Church, 645 Cleveland Street is the site for Marion Polk Food Share (MPFS) local distribution.  If you have a need, their food bank is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am to noon.  They depend on donations.  You can make a donation Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 3 pm.  For more information, you may either call Aumsville Bethel Baptist Church at 503 749-2128 or MPFS at 503 581-3855.


For those residents struggling with payment of utility bills, contact the following resources for possible financial assistance:


Adult & Family Services       11656 Sublimity Rd SE, Suite 200           503-769-7439

Santiam Center                       Sublimity, OR  97385


Bethel Baptist Church            645 Cleveland Street/PO Box 167            503-749-2128

Pastor Dwight Bales               Aumsville, OR  97325



NEWS MEDIA: The city uses the Aumsville Newsletter and the weekly editions of the Stayton Mail for its publications.  Aumsville also has access to the Statesman Journal, Oregonian, and USA Today daily newspapers. 



SILVER FALLS TOUR ROUTE AND GOLF: Silver Creek Falls State Park is located about 20 miles from the city. Just follow the “Silver Falls Tour Route” signs for a scenic tour.  This is a favorite picnic and hiking spot for people from all parts of the state with a beautiful 350' waterfall.  There are two golf courses nearby.  The closest is Santiam Golf Club (503-769-3485), near Stayton; or Elkhorn Valley Golf Course (503-897-3368) near Lyons. 


U.S. MAIL: Apply at the U.S. Post Office, 320 Main Street, to receive street mail delivery or rent a post-office box; then notify city hall and all senders of your mailing address. Local Post Office: (503) 749-9172, US Postal information number: 800-275-8777.



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City Ordinances

Chronic Nuisance Property

General Nuisances Ordinance

Parent Responsibility Ordinance

Curfew Ordinance

Parks & Public Areas Ordinance


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American West Real Estate

(503) 390-4820

Houses, Duplexes
Bradley, Kelly

(503) 871-5093

(2) 2-bedroom apartments
Crawford, Donald

(503) 897-4765

Cascade Rental Management (503) 743-4630 Duplexes
Hampton, Kent (503) 749-2063 House
IPMG, Inc. (503) 588-0195 Duplexes
Klein, Jerry (503)769-5108 House & Duplex
Marion County Housing Authority (South 11th Street)

(503) 373-4448

Mill Creek Apartments (503) 749-2576 Apartments
Morton, Charles & Laura (503) 749-2324 House
Rental Services, Inc. (503) 838-1772 Houses
SMI Shelter Management Incorporated (503) 585-6176 Apartments
Try Investments/Aumsville Mini Storage (503) 448-7368 Houses
Twin Creeks Apartments (Crown Property Management) (503) 485-2600 16-plex Apartments
Woodall, Linda

(503) 769-9670

Evergreen Estates (managed by American West Real Estate)

(503) 364-5500

41 rental spaces
Mill Creek Estates

(503) 749-2610

110 rental spaces
Windemere Meadows

(503) 749-4128

113 rental spaces


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To contact us:
Aumsville City Hall
595 Main Street
Aumsville, Oregon 97325

Phone: 503-749-2030

FAX: 503 749-1852

TDD / TTY Oregon Relay Service


Contacts: City Officials