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Comprehensive Plan

All Documents are PDF and require Adobe Acrobat to read:


Comp Plan Table of Contents & Chapter I Introduction

Chapter II - Urbanization

Chapter III - Public Facilities & Services

Chapter IV - Aumsville Transportation System Plan

Chapter V - Natural Resources

Chapter VI - Recreation

Chapter VII - Implementation


(Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Download)

City of Aumsville Development Regulations


City Zoning Map from the Development Ordinance


Industrial Land Survey / Comp Plan map




Landuse Development Forms:


Annexation Application

Appeal Application to APC

Appeal Application to Council

Comprehensive Plan Revision Proposal Application

Conditional Use Application
Development Ordinance Amendment Application
Flood Plain Development Application

Minor Modification to Approved Site Plan Application

Partition Application

Property Line Adjustment Application

RePlat Application
Sign Permit Application
Sign Variance Application

Similar Use Application
Site Development Review Application
Site Development Review - Application for Extension
Subdivision Review Application
Variance Application
Zone Change Petition

Zone Change Preliminary Petition

Zone Change Preliminary Petition Affidavit for Signatures (supports Preliminary Petition)


Request for SDC Installment Plan




Adobe Acrobat - PDF Files

These documents are not form-fill; they can be printed from your printer and then completed by hand.

Return all completed forms to:

City of Aumsville

595 Main Street

Aumsville, OR  97325


Planning Commissioners:

Dan Kluver



Vicky Barber



Vivian Bronec


Fran Huffman


Debbie Baugh



Regular Meetings

1st and 3rd Thursday of the Month

at the Aumsville Community Center

6:00 PM


The meeting location  is accessible to persons with disabilities. A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons with disabilities must be made at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.   Please call (503) 749-2030 and leave a message or Oregon Relay Service for TDD at (800) 735-2900.


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League of Oregon Cities

ORS Chapter 244 - Government Standards & Practices


To contact us:
Aumsville City Hall
595 Main Street
Aumsville, Oregon 97325

Phone: 503-749-2030

FAX: 503 749-1852

TDD / TTY Oregon Relay Service


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